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San Antonio’s Premier Customizer of Stainless Steel Products

If you’re looking to add some colors to your daily routine, you’ve certainly come to the right place. You might have heard of powder coating or laser engraving in the past, but what does it really mean? Won’t it ruin your favorite items?

Not when done by JAS CustomZ in San Antonio, TX. When it comes to adding that unmistakable personal touch to any item you could think of, we are the company you want to do business with. Our talent for giving items an upgrade combined with our years of experience is what makes us the premier powder coating and laser engraving company in San Antonio.

If you look elsewhere, we can’t guarantee your items will be altered without being damaged – laser engraving, in particular, is a very delicate process, and not everyone in our line of work is cut out for it. If, however, you make the right choice and reach out to us for a powder coating or laser engraving gig, we can absolutely promise no harm will come to the item whether it’s made from steel, glass or anything in-between.

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Your Stainless Cup… Tricked out & just the way you want it.

Some of our recent creations in the JAS CustomZ Shop…

Lion – Astatic Red Matte Finish

Custom Design – Base Teal Sparkle
Attorney – Burnt Orange Matte Finish
Fighting Irish – Candle Green
Dog Paws – Carolina Blue
Stylized Name – Chameleon Blue Sparkle

Texas Star – Ozark Trail Cup Blue Matte Finish

Baby Footprints – Coral Sparkle Finish

Stylized Name – Dark Turquoise Sparkle Finish

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JAS CustomZ Laser Engraving Yeti Colsters in San Antonio, Texas

What sort of items can we work with? Anything you can think of! No material is beyond our expertise no matter how old or how frail it might be. Each time we get to work, we produce nothing but the desired results and our drawing hands are as steady as they can be. That’s why JAS CustomZ is the perfect company to help you freshen up an item you’re attached to without worrying about the consequences – unless you change your mind regarding the design, you aren’t going to regret working with us on making your belongings flash with style.

What kinds of designs can we come up with? You guessed it: anything! Our coatings and engravings are as varied as the customers that ask for them. Some people will come to us with an awfully-specific design for their favorite cup or holster and won’t want to make any compromises – it’s a good thing, too, since we aren’t a company that makes them. For these customers, we’ll translate their design to the surface of their choice inch by inch with no noticeable difference. Others will reach out to us knowing that they want something, but unsure of what that something is – no problem, as we’ve got plenty of awesome somethings to choose from. We’ll show you some of our past work and share plenty of our existing fades and single colors, and if you still can’t find something to your liking, we’ll be happy to place your thoughts on paper before placing them on your favorite item.

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Want to see more Colors & Designs? Visit our Powder Coating Colors Page

Want to keep the stainless look on your Yeti, RTIC or Ozark Trail…

No problemo… JAS CustomZ does that too.

JAS CustomZ Custom Powder Coating RTIC Cups


How long do our designs stay on the item? We hate to sound like finalists, but once we’ve coated or engraved something, the JAS CustomZ design is there to stay. You aren’t going to see our powder coming off or our colors losing strength after exposure to heat, moisture and so on, nor will the colors ever come out and ruin your clothing or furniture.

How long will we make you wait until you get your item back? It depends on our schedule and the amount of work that needs doing, but in a lot of cases, we can get your cups turned around pretty quickly, but it really depends on the complexity of the design. That’s not to say we rush our work, however – once you have design down to a science like we do, you can create a detailed masterpiece before your competition even gets around to rough sketching.

We feel we’ve covered the whys and the hows pretty well there. If you still aren’t convinced that our work can seem like magic, check out our gallery for some examples of what we can do, but keep in mind that examples are just that – we can reproduce anything you can think of along with a couple of designs that you might have trouble wrapping your head around.

Custom Powder Coated Yeti Cups in San Antonio

What’s all the fuss about powder coating, anyway? Why would you want to take a beautiful stainless steel cup and spray it with a bunch of powder? Easy: to make it even more beautiful!

As trusty as our stainless cups are, they can get boring pretty fast. The manufacturers seem to have spent all their time making sure that the cup survives a nuclear blast while forgetting all about design – if you have a favorite stainless cup you won’t leave home without, we can just bet that it has the same dull steel finish like every other cup out there.

Yet all is not lost – with the manufacturer’s dedication to utility and our dedication to style, you’ll have the best of both worlds without making any sacrifices.

If you think an all-out custom fade might be a bit much, we’re happy to offer a tasteful single color finish for your stainless cup regardless of size. If you think a single color coating might not be much of an improvement over what you currently have, prepare to be surprised – our palette of colors is wide enough for us to find a shade with the customer’s name on it every time. For greater effect, single color coating can be combined with our laser engraving in order to truly create a cup like no other.

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Custom Powder Coated Cups with Single Colors


But what if you’ve had enough of single color designs and find them dull? Understandable – you’ve probably been looking at the same silver hue for so long that you feel you can’t handle single color cups even if they’re as bright as the ones we come up with. We aren’t about to argue here, as we have just the thing for you: an array of custom fades that will have your head spinning.

While we have room to get creative with our single color jobs, custom fades is where we can really get going as they let us show off the extent of what we can do. The more complex the pattern is, the easier it is for us to showcase our precision that has made us the top powder coating company on the block. That’s not to say you have to come up with a pattern that looks like a complex mathematical equation just to keep us busy – simple works good a lot of the time, and you might be one of those cup owners who find that our simpler designs do wonders.

Military Custom Powder Coating and Laser Engraving Designs

Custom Powder Coated Cups with Color Fades

If, however, you’re looking to test the limits of our powder guns, we’ll be happy to take you up on the challenge – we dare say they are without limits. We’ve never had a customer present us with a custom fade that we couldn’t reproduce down to the last detail, and if we did, we’d be pretty ashamed of ourselves. Complete customer satisfaction is what separates us from the rest, and it’s what has people coming through our door day in and day out. But not all of them have a specific pattern in mind – some heard that we can work magic onto stainless cups and rushed to our location without thinking of a design first.

If you belong to this group, don’t sweat it – after all, what kind of design company would we be without offering plenty of designs of our own? If you can’t come up with something worthy of your cup, we’ll have something for you, whether it’s an existing fade or an entirely new and exciting one.

By now you’re probably thinking this sounds too good to be true – we probably can’t apply every custom fade on every cup regardless of size, right? Wrong! Scaling our designs up or down is just part of what we do, and it’s a lot of fun – we think it’s awesome to coat two cups of wildly different sizes in the same design without any loss of detail.

You might own a tiny Yeti, an oversized RTIC chugger or an all-purpose Ozark Trail. Whichever the case, we aren’t going to turn you down and say that the design doesn’t fit the cup’s size. In fact, we’ll tailor-fit our unique fades across every inch of your cup until it looks like it was molded to be stylish.

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Police, Fire, EMT & Border Patrol Custom Yeti, RTIC & Ozark Trail Designs

​Laser Engraving in San Antonio


What can our lasers do for your favorite item? It’s a lot easier to say what they can’t do: no matter how extensive the engraving procedure might be, we’ll never cause any damage to the object that we’re working on or compromise its utility.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk fun! Laser engraving is an awesome way to give any item of your choosing a permanent modification that stands out in a lot of ways. When you take a laser to your favorite item, people will know you mean business – even the simplest monogram initial will make you look like you aren’t someone to be messed with.

Of course, we do a lot more than just monogram carvings for our San Antonio customers. If you think that a pattern is too complex for our lasers to handle, prepare to be surprised. The computer that controls our guns doesn’t discriminate between simple and complex and will carve them all with equal precision – exactly the kind of precision that we’re known for.

The array of different materials we’re capable of engraving can sometimes boggle the mind. Sure, stainless cup engravings are as popular as ever, and they’re a great way to make any cup unique. But steel is easy to work with, and we sometimes like the challenge of working with materials that would leave another company at a loss.

 Custom Yeti, RTIC & Ozark Trail Designs For Businesses

Laser Engraved Glass, Wood and Guns


Glass is one such material – we can tell you right now that most laser engraving companies don’t have what it takes to handle various types of glass without issue. To us, it’s a piece of cake – while we never take any job lightly, we’ve perfected our craft to a point where we can take any job and produce flawless results. If you’d like a small engraving on a thin glass object yet feel it would spell disaster, give us a call and we’ll hook you up with the design of your dreams without making you pull out your hair while the laser is doing its thing.

Wood is another material that isn’t quite there for some – because it often comes with a delicate finish, taking a laser to wood the wrong way can have bad results. Fortunately, we know just how to treat wooden objects right and we’ll engrave any pattern on a wooden item of any shape and size without compromising it on the inside or on the outside.

There’s something to be said about guns, too. If you thought we shy away from engraving guns because it seems risky or because it can threaten the gun’s functionality, rest assured that these things won’t be an issue when you’re working with us. We can take a firearm of any kind and engrave anything you could want on it, be it for professional or personal purposes – you can take a breather while we’re working as we’ve never damaged any item a customer came to us with regardless of how delicate it was.

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Custom Laser Engraving Styles


Style is our bread and butter – without style, we’d be out of work and people in the San Antonio area would be stuck with bland items that lack the personal touch that a favorite belonging should have. With this in mind, you didn’t think our palette of laser engraving styles would be anything short of spectacular, did you?

We know you’ve heard of monogram engravings, and for good reason: they never go out of style, they’re almost always unique and they also serve as a great way to prove ownership of the item. A laser engraving of your initials will have double the effect of any other monogram design and will be worth every penny.

While another company might be guilty of churning out boring monogram carvings, we aren’t about to take the blame for this. Our monogram styles are as varied as they get, coming in all sizes and shapes and in an array of fonts that would make a newspaper editor jealous.

As great as they are, monograms are far from the only kind of laser engraving we do. As complex as our monogram designs can be, sometimes you need to carve out a truly detailed pattern – in these cases, look no further than JAS CustomZ for the optimal blend of flashiness and precision. Business logos are probably the first thing that comes to mind when talking complex and flashy patterns. A business logo needs to be able to capture onlookers’ attention in some way while still keeping the sense of professionalism that’s expected from a company with good standing.

Custom Laser Engraving for Police, Fire and EMT Departments

Blending these two can be difficult, but not for us. We can engrave the most convoluted logo while making sure the reproduction is entirely faithful to the original design. With us, nothing will seem off and you won’t have any customers noticing that your engraving is a little to the side regardless of whether we’re talking a single placement or a mass-producing gig.

Police and fire department engravings are another popular choice for both professional and personal use. Sometimes, we’re asked to customize multiple items that a department has for reasons related to the line of duty. In other cases, someone might want us to engrave a police or fire department logo for personal reasons, such as showing support, giving the item as a gift or simply liking the design. Whichever the case, we can engrave any police or fire department logo of any complexity on cups, guns, tools, badges and much more.

Likewise, we cater to various personnel in the medical industry without ever letting a single customer down. Professional medical laser engravings are our forte – we understand that every health care environment needs to appear in tip-top shape at all times, and our designs are very much built to accommodate that. If, on the other hand, a medical professional comes to us looking for a fun engraving, we aren’t about to say no. If you’re a doctor, nurse, EMT or any other health care professional looking to liven up your workplace, we’ll have you fitted with a laser engraving of your choosing on any item you’d like in no time while making sure to keep things classy.

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