Laser Engraved Business Logos

A good business logo can really get you places – the unique design will become closely associated with your business name and grow to instill confidence in past and present clients. Yet it’s not all about designing the perfect logo, as there’s something to be said about putting it on a surface as well.

Sure, you could settle for having your business logo drawn – it’ll still have an effect, and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be visually appealing. But if you’re really looking to drive the point home, what better way to do it than by engraving the logo into a surface?

Once our lasers engrave something, the design tends to stick around for a long time to come and we believe it sends all kinds of right messages when done with a company’s logo. Your customers will know that you aren’t messing around, and they’ll treat you and your brand in accordance.

Of course, to achieve this effect, you need to make sure that the engraving is done right – any deviation from the original design and you risk looking less than professional. This is why you need JAS CustomZ to take care of any and all business engraving jobs you could have, as our work is wholly precise and representative of someone who needs to appear serious at all times.

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Laser Engraved Business Logos on Cups, Glass, Wood and Guns in San Antonio


That’s not to say our business logo engraving jobs can’t be fun, though. If you’re running a company that’s meant to reach out to and connect with customers on a personal level, you might be looking for a colorful engraving with some added glitter. Here, we can turn to our powder guns in order to coat the desired surface in something colorful and then slap your logo on it for the world to see. Both the coating and the laser engraving are meant to stay intact regardless of the environment they’re in, which, as we already noted, should send a positive message about the type of business you’re running.

Our laser engraving jobs for businesses can either be one-and-done or mass-produced. Maybe you’d like a couple of large engravings of your logo on a surface inside or outside of the workplace – we can do that, and we’ll make sure that the logo casts an imposing shadow.

​Just as well, we can engrave the logo on dozens or even hundreds of items – if you’re making objects of any kind and need to have each of them outfitted with our logo, look no further than JAS CustomZ to give them that all-important manufacturing seal. This is where our work really shines: no matter the sort of items you’re producing, how large they are and what they’re made of, each logo engraving will look exactly the same and will be placed on the exact spot where it’s needed and not an inch to the left or right. We know how important appearances are when you’re running a business, and we’re ready and willing to give business owners the full benefits of our precise work.

Call Us: 210-287-7877