Custom Powder Coated Cups

It’s not just our designs that are varied – the amount of different cup types that our mighty powder guns can handle is equally as impressive, if we may say so. You can quote us on this one: we’ll deal with every possible stainless cup you present us with regardless of its age or size and deliver the exact design you’ve been wanting.

Coating Yeti cups makes for some of our most common engraving jobs: they’re popular across the country and are used by virtually everyone, which means we get to have fun spraying them with all sorts of different fades and custom designs. Don’t know if your Yeti cup is good enough for our powder coating? Unless it’s ridden with holes, we’ll have no problem slapping on whatever you ask us to.

Let’s start off with the smaller ones, shall we? Yeti Lowballs aren’t the biggest stainless cups on the market, which might make coating in complex designs difficult for someone other than JAS CustomZ. Luckily, we won’t have that problem: we can powder spray the most detailed fade on even the tiniest Lowball even if the amount of desired detail makes it seem impossible.

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Custom Powder Coated Yeti Colsters, Bottles and Tumblers

The same goes for the Yeti Colster: although not as widespread since it’s used adjacent to an existing liquid holder, it’s still a great way to keep your drinks cool or hot even when the outside temperature is making it difficult. If you’d like to do that without the boring old metal design that these cups can suffer from, our powder guns are here to make your preservation of drink temperature fun and colorful. Again,  the smaller surface won’t be an issue – we’ve been doing this for so long that we feel we can probably engrave Mona Lisa on a coin, although we aren’t really going to try (unless a customer asks us to, of course).

20 oz Yeti Tumblers and 18 oz Yeti Bottles are what we call our ‘standard size’ engravings: the surface’s size isn’t over the top in either direction, which makes finding the perfect custom fade a breeze. While it’s no problem to place our custom designs on smaller bottles and we can always downsize whichever fade our customer likes, larger tumblers definitely give us more artistic freedom and allow us to really show off what we can do.

The same holds true for models like the 30 oz Yeti Tumbler and the 36 oz Yeti Bottle. It’s all good if you’re trying to coat them in a single color, but what if you’re looking to have a custom fade or a similar design cover the entire bottle? Don’t sweat it: our fades come in all sizes and are meant to perfectly coat every stainless cup no matter its size. While another company might present you with a coated cup that looks half-done with visible empty spaces, this just isn’t how we do our thing: each of our fades will look as if it was put there by the manufacturer in a sudden bout of creativity.

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Custom Powder Coated Yeti Bottles


We haven’t left out the 64 oz Yeti Bottle, either: because of this bottle’s size, it isn’t nearly as popular as some of the smaller models, which can make finding a company with the right engraving capability difficult. After all, even if you’re carrying something as big as a 64 oz liquid holster, you want its custom powder design to fit perfectly, right? That’s exactly why you should get in talks with us: we perfectly understand that some people are picky about what they drink and choose to express this through an oversized stainless cup. We’re here to make sure that this cup’s surface is transformed from a dull stainless steel one to one of bright colors and sharp designs whether the cup is small, medium or reasonably huge like the 64 oz version. No detail or color potency will be sacrificed when working with a cup this large, as all of our designs are equally solid and tight-fitting.

As great as all of these Yeti cups are, they aren’t exactly winning design awards – their metallic look can quickly become a bore next to all those colorful plastic bottles. This is exactly why we opened up shop: we wanted people in our area to keep using their Yeti holsters without ever feeling cloudy on a sunny day. As big or small as your Yeti cup might be and no matter how long you’ve been using it, place it in our skillful hands and we’ll return a bottle or colster that tickles onlookers’ imaginations while keeping you filled with your favorite drink.

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Custom Powder Coated RTIC Cups


Never fancied Yeti stainless cups much? We get it: the name can be pretty scary. After all, aren’t Yeti and Bigfoot cousins or something? If the association with big hairy mythical monsters made you seek out another steel cup, we see no reason why you should be stuck with its bland design.

Like the Yeti cups, RTIC ones provide great utility but aren’t exactly lookers: the same old stainless steel design can quickly get boring and make you want to run for the hills. Our fades are here to help with that, as coating RTIC cups with custom designs is just another day of work for us.

We aren’t about to show favoritism to Yeti cup users over those with a RTIC preference, which is why our coating of the latter is every bit as varied. As you might have expected, we start out small and work our way up: RTIC has a wider range in terms of size, but we like the challenge, and we can slap a killer design on each of them. Thought the 10 oz RTIC Can is just too small to host a custom powder design? Nope: our designs scale down to the tiniest stainless cups you can find and they’ll fit them just as well, too. The same goes for the 12 oz RTIC can: as practical as it is, it won’t take long for you to get bored of its uninspired design – when you do, reach out to JAS CustomZ and tell us how you’d like your stainless cup to look. Whether you’re looking for a single color transformation or a detailed custom design, no size is too small to coat your cup in plenty of detail.

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Custom Powder Coated RTIC Bottles and Tumblers

The 18 oz RTIC Bottle and the 20 oz RTIC Tumbler are more standard-sized and easier to work with, although it’s all the same when you’ve been powder coating for as long as we have. Many of our designs were made with these bottles in mind but we later resized them in order to fit different cups to a T without any loss of detail or a compromise in appearance.

Things can look as if they’re going to get difficult once you start talking the 30 oz RTIC Tumbler and the 36 oz RTIC Bottle – a larger surface means more room to make mistakes and leave imperfections, right? With some companies, sure, but not with JAS CustomZ: a larger cup surface simply translates to more room for us to work our magic. Just as we’re able to downsize any fade in order to fit even the smallest cup or colster, we can inflate each of our custom designs without having to worry about delivering a product that looks unfinished or lacks that specific polish that our customers have gotten used to. After all, we couldn’t guarantee a powder coating design that looks factory-made on every cup if we allowed ourselves to get sloppy once the sizes get crazy, could we? Therefore, your larger cup will have a design that’s just as detailed and condensed as that on a cup half its size.

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Custom Powder Coated RTIC 64 oz Bottles


But what about the 64 oz RTIC Bottle? Surely some sacrifices need to be made when coating a portable water tank? Of course not: as hard as it might seem, our coating of 64 oz bottles is every bit as precise as our jobs on smaller cups. If you’ve been carrying around a 64 oz bottle for a while, you’ve probably encountered your fair share of naysayers who complain that the container is too big to carry around. They won’t complain once they see what our custom designs can do: even those who might have found your oversized bottle tacky in the past will grow to love the idea and are sure to want to get a bottle as colorful as yours. Feel free to refer them to us without fear of someone having the same bottle as you – we rarely dish out two custom designs that are completely alike.

If you’ve been thinking that there’s no way to escape the dullness of RTIC bottles without giving up on what they offer, it’s time for an update: the thought of stainless cup owners parting with their favorite liquid holsters because of boring bottle design always seemed harsh to us, so we made sure our powder coating covers every cup regardless of size and brand name. If you can bring it, we can coat it in any one of our custom designs that draws your attention.

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Custom Powder Coated Ozark Trail Stainless Cups

Couldn’t make up your mind between the Yeti and RTIC bottles so you went for the third option? Or maybe the branding of Ozark Trail reaches out to the adventurer in you – either way, you’ve probably noticed that the design of the cups isn’t all that it can be. In this case, we can almost understand it: hikers and the like see plenty of colors and awesome designs in nature, so what difference does a cup design make?

We believe it can be a pretty big one if you work with the right powder company. No longer will you have to trek the wilds while fearing not only beasts, but also having to take out your lifeless cup – we’ll make every stop for refreshments even more welcome and probably make you want to delay the rest of the hike longer than you should. Of course, we’ve got you covered even if you’ve been using Ozark Trail cups for non-hiking purposes – our designs are office-friendly, home-friendly and on good terms with just about every other environment you could think of.

While Ozark Trail doesn’t have as many different cups as some of its competitors, our fades are still custom-sized to fit each bottle. If you’re looking to have your trekking cup coated, chances are we’re talking about Ozark Trail’s 30 oz Tumbler: it’s a pretty decent choice as far as one-size-fits-all tumblers go and will serve you well in any situation, although it can get a bit hefty for city use. It won’t be too hefty for our powder guns, though – any design we place on your 30 oz tumbler will fit the bottle perfectly from top to bottom with no parts of the surface being left out in the rain.

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Custom Powder Coated Ozark Trail Can Coolers


Prefer to keep an existing container cool instead? You’re probably talking about the Ozark Trail 12 oz Can Cooler then: this can be a lifesaver if you’re bringing carbonated drinks outdoors as it not only keeps the temperature but also protects the can from damage. What it doesn’t protect, however, is your sense of style: you’re probably going to start feeling down about every can looking the same eventually. When you do, it’s time to give us a call and see what our powder guns can do to make your can cooler shine: whether it’s a single color design you want or are looking for a complicated fade, we’ll present you with plenty of custom-made options either for your 30 oz tumbler or the 12 oz can cooler.

If it suits you, we can outfit these containers with a design that goes along with its environment: mild colors found in nature that reflect the seriousness and challenge of many treks. But who’s to say you can’t get wild in the wilderness? Don’t underestimate the effect that a single bright-colored container can have – with the right powder coating, your treks can go from serious and dull to funny and lively in a matter of minutes. And no matter how rough the weather outside gets, the colors won’t be coming off – we love a test of our coating jobs against the elements as JAS CustomZ comes out victorious every time.

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