Laser Engraved Fire Department Logos

Like those in active police service, firemen and women put their lives in constant danger in order to keep the community and its people safe. The least we can do to repay them is offer professional engraving services that are every bit as impressive as the department they’re covering.

A laser engraving of your fire department logo can be applied to anything that those in the department use regularly, be it lockers, cups or any other object. Done right, it will serve as a badge of honor on what might otherwise be a bland and uninspiring item. Aside from engraving items that belong to the department itself, we can also place the fire department logo on any personal item that you enjoy carrying around and would like to remind you of the service you’ve been doing. Do you have a trusty flask that’s missing the logo of the department you’ve been working under for years? Have you thought of the perfect gift for your colleague but feel that it’s missing an homage to all the good work he’s done? Whichever the case, our lasers will burn even hotter than the fires you put out in order to deliver a design worthy of someone whose job is so important.

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Laser Engraving of Fire Department Logos in San Antonio, Texas


All this talk of cups and flasks might have you believing we only do smaller engravings on objects that don’t exceed certain dimensions – in reality, we can engrave a pattern of any size on just about anything. If the department’s vehicles could use a stylish logo engraving that will withstand any environment it’s placed in, we have you covered without exception – whether we’re talking a vehicle’s doors, glass or any other part, we’ll do the job without issue. The same goes for any equipment that you might be using – no matter how big or small and how funky its shape is, we’ll slap on a design that is every bit as professional as it is inspiring.

​Not a member of the local fire department but would like to show support or simply fancy their logo? As is the case with our PD engravings, we can engrave any fire department logo on any item for civilian use, be it strictly for style purposes or also to send a message. Feel free to come to us with a fire department logo of great intricacy and with many minuscule details that another company might overlook – we’ll engrave it to the item of your choice in no time and give it back in the exact shape we received it.

Needless to say, we think that having to call the fire department over a FD logo carving would be in bad taste, so you can rest easy knowing that each of our engraving jobs is perfectly safe. Steel and glass are great to work with, but even if we’re doing a demanding engraving on a wooden item, don’t worry about it catching a fire that would ruin its delicate finish – all that our laser heat will do is create a stylish logo while preserving the item regardless of its material.

Call Us: 210-287-7877