Laser Engraved Glass in San Antonio, TX

“Taking a high-powered laser to glass? Surely it will melt?” is the reaction we sometimes get from our customers. It’s true that lasers used for engraving are powerful enough to melt glass, which is why you need a company with precision handling any engraving of this type no matter how thick or durable the glass panel in question is.

It’s a good thing for all of us, including your beloved glass, that JAS CustomZ fits the bill. Precision is the name of our game whether we’re engraving sturdy stainless cups or the more delicate glass, and our work will never have anything but the desired effect.

We can do our thing on virtually every type of glass you could think of. As we explained already, our equipment can be adjusted in accordance with the thickness and durability of the glass so that every engraving job is perfect and doesn’t cause any unwanted damage.

Windows and similar glass panels are one of the things we can engrave, provided the logistics allow it. Due to the complexity and uniqueness of our patterns, our lasers will give your dull glass panel something that’s rarely seen – the effect of the sun shining through an intricate pattern of our design is something you have to see for yourself.

Glassware is another thing we can engrave without breaking a sweat: doesn’t matter if we’re talking something like a family crest on your precious glassware or your initials on a glass cup of your choice, we’ll take care of it in short order and give you back the custom-made glass design of your dreams.

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Laser Engraving of Glass in San Antonio


Did we leave out what you had in mind? No problem: our general rule is that we can engrave it if you can imagine it, and we see no reason why our glass engraving would be done differently. Simply tell us what kind of glass engraving you’d like done and we’ll talk business– no job is too large or too small for our skillful hands.

Don’t think we can only do laser engraving on major glass items like window panels – we also do plenty of designs on smaller glass surfaces that require the sort of utmost precision and dedication that you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere. Maybe a small but meaningful engraving on the glass of your favorite watch? Tough to do, sure, but not for us – we’ve reached a point where we feel we can handle laser engraving with our eyes closed, although we aren’t too keen on trying it out.

Again, don’t worry about us damaging the item even if we’re talking a smaller or more delicate piece of glass – our lasers are finely-tuned to the job we’re doing every time, so we won’t be blasting a glass panel with the same intensity that we would use on a thick steel one. You can take our word for it: we’ll take whichever glass you present us with and return it with its integrity intact, but with the addition of a nice engraving that will show off your sense of style to the rest of the world while brightening up your days just a little.

Call Us: 210-287-7877