Laser Engraved Stainless Cups

Don’t get us wrong: we love our powder coats and feel they’re a great addition to any stainless cup or similar item, and they’re plenty precise as well. But sometimes, you need to be really exact with your design – less spraying and more carving.

Since we’re a high-tech company, we prefer to do our carving with a high-powered industrial laser as opposed to grandpa’s trusty bolo knife. Your opinion on lasers and laser engraving probably varies on your experience with them and what you’ve heard.

For starters, you might have been told that laser engraving can be dangerous both for the item being engraved and the person using the laser. We can’t argue with that one – lasers can be dangerous when they aren’t being handled properly due to the immense heat they dish out, for the object as well as the person. Yet any laser-related incidents are strictly in the amateur realm – no true professionals will ever damage your precious object or put themselves in danger no matter the type of laser engraving they’re attempting.

We’ve never had a customer complain about our lasers damaging an item we engraved or coming up with an unfinished design because we wouldn’t dream of using them before we had perfected our technique. The same goes for safety – after all, if we got careless with our lasers and injured ourselves, who would keep delivering top-notch coating and engraving to the San Antonio community?

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Laser Engraver in San Antonio


We understand that the idea of having your favorite item blasted with a powerful laser can be tough to handle, especially if you’ve formed an emotional attachment to it. Yet if you’re sure on the design you want, there’s no reason to shy away from our laser engraving – we can promise to deliver the exact engraving you asked us to without damaging the item in any way.

Well, we’ll have to damage it a little, but it’ll be controlled and with a purpose – every form of laser engraving involves the laser burning into the item in order to create a specific pattern. When done right, however, the damage will seem like a work of art: our laser engravings can instill a pattern on any object in a way that makes it seem as if it was always there. Since our lasers are computer-controlled, every inch is covered with utmost precision – even if there’s pollen in the air and we’re sneezing like crazy, you don’t have to worry about our laser hand getting shaky. Thanks to the computer input and our familiarity with the technology, we can guarantee a picture-perfect design every time.

​As is the case with our powder guns, the capabilities of our lasers are limited only to the imagination – even if yours has seen better days, rest assured that ours is as vivid as you’d expect from a design company, so we’ll have no problem giving you plenty of designs to check out and see which one you like. Don’t worry about changes on the go, either – the design of your choice won’t reach the laser until we’re all in agreement, and afterwards, it’s only a matter of sitting back and watching science do its thing.

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Custom Engraved Yeti Cups, Colsters and Bottles

There’s no two ways about it: powder coats are awesome and are able to transform a dull stainless cup into a lively object in a matter of minutes. But what happens if you’re looking for that extra something on your cup?

If so, we’re happy to present you with our laser engraving option for stainless cups. We know what you’re thinking: “How do I know a laser isn’t going to burn through the cup and cause liquid to pour out?”

A valid concern with another company, maybe, but not with JAS CustomZ: our laser engraving will never rob the cup of its utility no matter how intense the pattern gets. Just as well, you’ll never find your drinks leaking from the cup if you’ve poured something hot – after all, if our engraving of stainless cups rendered them unusable, we could hardly say we’re doing good work.

Now that we’ve convinced you that laser engraving is perfectly safe for the object, it’s time to talk design. Why go for laser engraving instead of just powder coating? Can you mix both in order to produce a truly unique design? You certainly can, and we’ll be happy to do so. But let’s not go there just yet and instead talk about our laser-on-steel jobs.

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Custom Laser Engraved RTIC Cups


As difficult as it is to believe, our customers don’t always want a colorful pattern to their cup, nor do they always want to deviate from the standard steel appearance that so many find dull. Sometimes, they’d simply like to carve something on it – like their initials or a word – while preserving the original appearance. Hey, we get it – different strokes for different folks, and we can work with that. If you want something engraved on your cup, nothing but a high-powered laser will do as stainless cups are simply too resilient for blunt (or sharp) force methods. We just so happen to have a laser like that, and we’ll be happy to use it to carve something on your cup while keeping it contained – our laser engraving will be precise and not an inch in the wrong direction. Aside from simple carving, we can also engrave your cup with a more complex custom pattern of your choice, so long as you’re able to explain your desires before we get to work.

For our customers who truly want an overhaul of their cups, we offer a combination of powder coating and laser engraving that’s sure to create the baddest stainless cup on the block. Although a single color coating and a pattern on top of it work best in our humble opinion, we can just as easily mix an existing fade design with a laser engraving of your choice, be it initials or something more convoluted. Regardless of the extent of our work on the cup, you can expect the powder coating to stay intact even under the laser’s high temperatures – by the time we give you the cup, it’s going to look as if “colorful with an intricate pattern” is its factory default.

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