Laser Engraved Wood in San Antonio, TX

Like glass, wood can be a tough nut to engrave: most wood surfaces have a distinct finish that is easily damaged when the laser handlers aren’t being careful. And because wood can be carved into with a knife pretty easily compared to steel or glass, you might have thought about carving something the old fashioned way – it won’t be as precise, but at least you won’t risk the wood catching fire, right?

You bet wood can catch fire from a laser, but not with us – each of our engraving jobs is precise enough not to put any material we’re working with in danger. After all, if we caused a fire every time someone came to us with a piece of wood they’d like engraved, we’d have to close up shop pretty quick and people in our community would have to settle with a powder coating and laser engraving company of lesser aptitude – even the idea makes us shudder.

Don’t spend too much time thinking if the wood surface is too delicate, thin or old to be engraved on. It’s these thoughts that often cause people to forgo laser engraving altogether, and with another company, they might be justified: wood can be much more expensive than glass, usually has a far more delicate finish and the age plays a part as well – older wood can be harder to take care of and is sometimes more vulnerable to outside forces. And it doesn’t get much more forceful than an industrial-grade laser burning through something, does it? True enough, but precision makes all the difference in the world: there are no concerns to be had with a company that knows its stuff, and you can bet that JAS CustomZ is exactly this kind of company.

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Laser Engraving of Wood in San Antonio


Thanks to our computer-controlled engraving, each of our jobs is tightly-knit and done exactly to the customer’s fancy – no unwanted lines, no deviations and no damage. If this sounds hard to believe, we’d be happy to show you some of our past work on wooden materials – you’ll notice each job preserved the integrity of the wood while adding an amazing pattern to the mix.

Like with any other material, the precision we work with allows us to carve truly intricate patterns on whichever piece of wood you present us with. Initials and drawings are no problem – we’ll reproduce these exactly as they were drawn be it by you, us or a third party. Just as well, we can do larger engravings that encompass a good portion of a bigger surface, and every inch will be covered in adherence to the highest standards.

Can’t quite figure out which wooden piece you’d like engraved? Sky’s the limit: we do everything from tables and chairs to smaller objects like kitchenware. Even something like a wooden spoon or a small box to hold items gives us plenty of room to work our magic, so forget worrying about whether the item’s size allows it – give us a call and we’ll customize your favorite wooden object exactly to your liking.

Call Us: 210-287-7877