Laser Engraved Medical Logos

The atmosphere inside medical institutions can get serious, and we get that – it’s a serious field with no room for mistakes. Yet everyone could use a breather here and there, a reminder that life isn’t always about having a frown.

We feel that there’s no better way to remind medical personnel of this than to engrave an intricate and stylish pattern of their choice into an item they use often. Our medical engravings vary greatly based on the purpose of the item and what you have in mind for it.

Let’s start with the obvious: hospital logos and names of medical workers on workplace objects. Whether you need nameplates for the doctors, nurses and EMTs or the hospital logo on a piece of equipment, we’ll have you covered even if you need our lasers to engrave a hundred patterns in a short amount of time. As tiny as the carving might be, we’ll place it on the exact spot every time with no difference in style – after all, we don’t imagine that sloppy-looking engravings would instill much faith in your patients, which is why we’ll make sure to do them right.

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Laser Engraving of Medical Logos in San Antonio, Texas

We can also cover any other professional engraving you might need done in your medical institution. Our engravings are environmentally-friendly and perfectly safe for those with compromised immune systems even when used in conjunction with a powder coating of your choice, making our work ideal for sensitive environments. Likewise, we can work with any type of metal, glass of various density as well as wood without damaging any of these materials – if you’d like to engrave words of warning or instruction on glass panels used in the vicinity of the patients, you can have peace of mind knowing that the glass will maintain its strength no matter how extensive our work gets. And while stainless steel engravings could be called our bread and butter, we’re open to applying our lasers to some of the less-durable metals without risking any damage to the object.

​But what about personal items? To help you keep things in perspective, we’ll take care of any personal engraving you might want done on a workplace item, whether we’re talking a doctor’s favorite pen, a necklace you wear on the job or anything else you could think of. We’ll handle these engravings in a way that highlights the seriousness of your profession yet gives you the appearance of someone who isn’t all work.

Part of what makes us the perfect company for medical laser engravings is the precision we work with. Be it professional or personal, we can handle engravings of all sizes and shapes without ever sacrificing quality. If you’re thinking there’s no possible way our lasers could place a perfect seal on the exact spot of a medical instrument, prepare to be surprised – we can engrave the most miniscule pattern on the most delicate object without ever compromising its utility and while making sure that the carving has that unmistakeable sense of style that JAS CustomZ is known for.

Call Us: 210-287-7877