Laser Monogramming in San Antonio, TX

Carving a person’s initials into their favorite item definitely makes for one of our most popular services. After all, unless you’re planning to change your name soon, you can’t go wrong with a monogram initial – it will give the object of your choosing that custom touch that you’ve been wanting for so long.

Yet it’s not just the person’s name and last name that make our engraving jobs unique. When working with JAS CustomZ, no two styles are exactly alike – we consider ourselves artists and we don’t believe artists can feel limited by a couple of letters.

Just the opposite: we’ll present you with a wide array of fonts that you can choose from, each crazier than the previous. We’ll sit and wait until you’ve found the font that you feel reflects your personality and then we’ll make sure to carve some nice-looking initials with it.

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Laser Monograms on Cups, Glass, Wood and Guns in San Antonio


There’s also something to be said about the coloring – if you thought that monogram initials have to be a dull affair, think again. You might have seen some of our black-on-steel jobs, but those are only done that way when the customer explicitly asks us to. Given permission, we can and will go crazy with your monogram engraving and give you something that shines even if all you gave us was a couple of letters. In these cases, we like to combine our lasers with a powder coat of your choosing in order to make the monogram truly stand out – you’d be amazed by how much a proper fade can pronounce your initials.

​It’s not just the design that’s limited only by your imagination, either: we can engrave your initials on virtually any object you could think of. Have you been using the same stainless steel cup for ages? It might be time to give it that personal touch you’ve been craving, and there’s no better way to do it than by letting everyone know who the owner is. With us, your stainless cup will become an item that’s truly yours and, should you ever find yourself in a lost-and-found scenario, there’ll be no question as to whether you are really the owner.

But just because so many of our monogram carvings are done on stainless cups doesn’t mean we’re limited to them. We can engrave your initials on any object you could think of: how about your favorite firearm, or something you like to store valuables in? Perhaps the back of your favorite watch? The choices are many, and we will handle each of them in a manner fitting of a company that’s been building up customer trust for a while.

No matter the kind of monogram engraving you want, rest assured that each of our jobs is perfectly safe for any item you present us with – we handle every material with grace and return the item unchanged aside from the desired pattern. It’s not just sturdy steel that we can engrave on – if you have a wooden or even glass object that you feel could do with your initials, we will engrave them with no loss of integrity on any of its parts.

Call Us: 210-287-7877