Laser Engraved Police Department Logos

There’s no order without someone to maintain it, right? We’re thankful to our local boys in blue for all the good work they’ve been doing, so we’ve made sure our lasers fully cover any engravings that a police department could need.

A sticker with your PD logo is a nice touch, but stickers are rarely there to stay: their colors fade, they’re vulnerable to scratches and they’re always under risk of coming off due to moisture and the like. If you need something permanent, we have just the thing for you: each of our laser engraving jobs is there to stay regardless of the circumstance the item is placed in.

If you’re proud of your PD badge and would like to outfit your favorite item with it, we’re happy to handle the job with care – regardless of the item, our engraving will be done in a way that gives it that professional look that is befitting of a police department.

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Laser Engraving of Police Department Logos in San Antonio, Texas

For example, you might want to engrave each of the cups in the police department with the PD logo – it’ll make everyone in the workplace feel as if they belong. You might also want to customize the department’s firearms with matching laser engravings – here, we can downsize your logo as required so that it fits a firearm of any size. Needless to say, you don’t have to worry about how safe taking a laser to a gun is as each of our engraving jobs is done with the item’s integrity in mind. This holds especially true for firearms, and we wouldn’t dream of putting any gun owner at risk due to a sloppy laser engraving.

​Of course, we aren’t about to discriminate if you aren’t a member of the force yet or don’t plan on becoming one. Maybe you’re looking to rep the local police department and show off your support for what they’re doing for the community, or maybe you just like the logo they came up with – either way, we’ll be happy to engrave any PD logos for civilian use as well. Cups, boxes, firearms – anything goes if you’d like to feel as if you’re in service, and we can also combine our engraving efforts with a powder coating that will really give the object some authority.

Aside from local PD logos, we can also engrave a logo from any other police department. Yes, some of them can be quite intricate, which is why you need someone who knows what they’re doing and won’t compromise the design in any way. We’re your company, and we’ll perfectly reproduce any PD logo regardless of its complexity and how familiar we are with engraving it – our computer-controlled method leaves no room for error and allows for the carving of the same logo on multiple items in quick succession and with no difference in the pattern. After all, police departments are serious organizations, and any PD logo engraving should be done by a company with a level of professional dedication that is every bit as serious.

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