Custom Powder Coating Fades

There’s nothing wrong with having your stainless cup coated in a single color. With the palette we offer, even a single shade can come off brighter than an eight-year-old’s first foray into canvas painting. But what if you’re in the mood for something different? What if a single color just won’t do, no matter how bright or unique it is?

Not to worry – JAS CustomZ in San Antonio has you covered if you’re looking for something else even if you aren’t entirely sure what that something is. To our customers who want a really unique stainless cup, we offer the gift of custom fades that will turn any cup into a modern-day work of art.

We’ve been told that it can be hard to pick and choose a single color coating because of how many different types we offer, and it’s true – we take the full blame on this one. But things can get really difficult when trying to come up with a fade for your cup simply because we do it all and we do it well. If you can think of a fade, no matter how complex the design is, we’ll spray it on in short order and give you the cup of your dreams.

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Custom Powder Coated Fades on Yeti & RTIC Cups​ in San Antonio, Texas

If you’ve had a specific fade design on your mind for a while but were worried that no powder coater could reproduce the pattern perfectly, your troubles are over – tell us about your dream fade or, better yet, draw it, and we’ll replicate it as closely as modern technology allows us to. We aren’t about to start compromising on our work, so you can bet your cup will turn out exactly how you wanted it to even if it seemed impossible.

For those indecisive cases that can’t seem to figure out the perfect fade, we’ve prepared a gallery of our past work for you to see what we can do and how well we can do it. We’re also ready and willing to hear your ideas and put them on paper, working alongside you to perfectly translate your vision to reality – after all, if you powder coat stainless cups professionally, what’s a little pencil-and-paper drawing?

Lastly, we’re here to perfectly implement an existing fade onto your stainless cup no matter where it’s coming from. Maybe you drew it yourself after a sudden rush of inspiration, or maybe it’s a motif from something that you like – whichever the case, trust us to give your cup the desired theme even if it looks otherworldly. With us, your favorite stainless cup can remind you of your favorite show, movie, game or anything else you can think of. As long as you give us a pattern to work with, we’ll wrap it around your cup in no time and give it back to you to carry with pride.

Custom Fades on Yeti, RTIC and Ozark Trail Cups

Like our single color fades and all our coating jobs, our fade powder coating is perfectly safe for everyone who might come in contact with the cup. Once we’ve returned your steel pet to you, you can rest assured that no paint can come off no matter how hot the metal gets. This is more often a concern with customers asking for a custom fade because some of the patterns can get convoluted –no way that stays the way it is for long, right? Wrong: each of our powder coating jobs is geared towards the long haul and we wouldn’t dream of giving you a cup that’s planning to give back some of its colors when you want them the least. In fact, we’ll go on and say that you’ll be stuck with the design until you change your mind – no matter how tough the going gets, JAS CustomZ powder coating doesn’t go anywhere.

There’s no need for you to replace your favorite cup just because it’s getting too dull to use. After all, what are the chances that the new one will be exactly to your liking? Slim to none, we’d say, which is why we offer a better alternative – let us take an existing cup that has left you wanting in the design department and transform it into something that makes you count the seconds until your next lunch break just so you can marvel at your awesome fade some more.

Remember: if you can come up with it, we can do it regardless of the pattern or coloring involved. And if you can’t seem to come up with anything good, don’t worry about being stuck with a bland cup – we’ve got plenty of colorful fades up our sleeves.

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