Custom Powder Coating With Single Color


Have you been stuck with the same dull stainless cup for months or years? Does it serve you well enough to keep around yet still makes you feel as if something’s missing? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to give JAS CustomZ  in San Antonio, Texas a call and see what our powder coating magic can do for you.

We say magic because what we do really can seem like wizardry. Don’t worry, though – it’s a clear-cut scientific process with no bad mojo and only FDA-approved ingredients in the mix. All of our work starts with the customer wanting something new – a quick recolor of their trusty old stainless cups or a brand spanking new, pristine cup without making a mess of things.

Done on your own, powder coating can indeed be messy, lackluster or even dangerous. That’s why you want the pros handling your stainless cups with ease and giving them new life with just a couple of sprays. And when it comes to powder coating pros in our area, you can’t get better than JAS CustomZ – all of our work is done with quality assurance and our sprays have left behind a trail of satisfied customers that we’d gladly have you follow.

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Custom Powder Coated Stainless Cups in San Antonio


Have you made up your mind on the kind of color you’d like for your stainless cup? Great – tell us all about it and we’ll do our best to reproduce it exactly to your fancy. With us, purple isn’t always purple, green isn’t always pasture-themed and yellow can get cloudy – we’ll present you with a varied palette of the color of your choosing and let you pick the exact one you’d like for your cup.

Not sure what color you’d like it in? If all you know is that you want it to sparkle and shine, tell us and we’ll show you our wide array of available coloring – we’ll wait as long as you’d like for you to choose the right color for you. After all, our powder coating jobs tend to stick around – you’ll have to live with your bright-colored cup for a while, so we aren’t about to rush your choice. Of course, if you end up feeling like making another change, you can always have us do a recolor. Thanks to how advanced our technique is, we can slap as many single color coatings as necessary until you’ve found one that’s right for you.

And with our professional equipment and our perfected method, you’ll never have to worry about a job poorly done putting your health in danger. All of our powder coats are perfectly safe for children, the elderly and everyone in-between – once we present you with a recolored cup, feel free to use it in any way you see fit without fear of paint coming off. As we mentioned, our powder coating jobs are also there to stay, so you can forget about the paint coming off or the cup losing its bright color over time, to say nothing of concerns that some of it will end up in your favorite drink.


Custom Yeti, RTIC and Ozark Trail Stainless Cups


We won’t hog your favorite stainless cups for ages, either – a quick spray and a drying job that would give The Flash a run for his money is all it takes to permanently change the color of your cup for the better. After doing something for a while, it becomes routine, and we’ve been powder coating ever since we were too young to hold a powder spray without safety concerns. We know our way around it, and we’re proud to say every single stainless cup we coat comes out free of flaws and to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

Don’t underestimate the effect that the color of your stainless cup can have on your daily routine – if you’ve been using the same gray or black cup for ages, we understand if you feel under the weather every now and then. Let us brighten up your day with the right sprays – your routine will become a lot more enjoyable and you’ll look forward to whipping out your cup and letting everyone know you’re shining bright.

Even if you don’t find yourself using it all that often, a brightly-colored stainless cup can make for a nice prop that can give that extra spark to even the dullest home. Of course, don’t blame us if you become a heavy stainless cup user after seeing the shades we come up with – even if stainless cups weren’t so handy, our powder coating alone would make it hard for people to go back to plastic bottles once our spray has hit the tin and the paint has dried.

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